i wanna make a really fangirly post about one direction and see how many notes it gets in 24 hours

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That Awkward Moment When

Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but have you no experience in the field of education? Yes, I am fully aware that you are not a teacher but are merely supervising this group of misfit children. But over the eight minutes that I have been sitting in this room, you have not spoken one word. And I will bet my lunch money that that will carry on for the next thirty minutes. Granted I may only be here for a couple days, it would be cool if I could address you by something if need be. For now, however, it seems as though you’re open to suggestions because maybe you don’t have a name. Were you abandoned as a child? Are you haunted by those memories every night? Either way, I believe I need to give you a name to fill that void in your life. I have always been fond of the name Magenta. Like the dog in Blue’s Clues. Yes, I was always sure that Magenta was a girls’ name, but my beliefs were shattered when I found out the truth about those iconic dogs’ sexes. Blue was always a boy in my mind. Bitches would never put up with Steve’s and Joe’s antics. Anyway, I am hereby calling you Magenta. Mag, for short…to avoid confusion. I hope you succeed in life as a recluse in the heart of Death Valley, where your lack of human interaction is hardly noticeable.

Oh! You’re speaking to a campus supervisor. Four for you, Magenta. You go, Magenta.

Sorry I haven’t posted on here in quite a while. I think once the school year starts in two days I’ll be writing more often and my brain will be working more, so I can post things I write during class and such. 

Much love to you all. ♥

[Scene starts with shot of typical house, changes to view of a couple sitting in their living room]

*Doorbell rings; the couple, Lisa and Chas, go to door and open it. Another couple is at the door.*

Everyone: Hi! So good to see you! *hugs, kisses on cheeks*

Lisa: Come in, come in!

*Everyone sits down in the living room.*

Chas: So you two, tell us about the honeymoon!

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I’m going to start writing some comedy sketches in the near future. I came up with a few ideas tonight, so I’ll hopefully get started on those soon!

Sometimes I just feel like giving up!

The other day I bought it and gave it to my friend for her birthday. Doug is my favorite.

How is it possible that writing can be such a passion and a burden at the same time? 

For me, writing is what I was always good at. My teachers praised my essays and short stories, insisting that it was what I needed to do in life. Thankfully, I enjoyed doing it. I still do. Writing is how I can show the world what goes on in my mind, no matter how crazy. It is the thing I love to do. 

And yet, being a writer comes with the added pressure of always having to write. If I don’t have an idea or something to say, I feel completely incompetent. Like I have failed to perform a task that never existed. The burden of writing is difficult to explain. I guess it’s because it requires the act itself.